Ambitions of a Late-Blooming Showgurl

By Alexandria Boddie

Ambitions of a Late-Blooming Showgurl

Late-blooming because it wasn’t until my late 20s that I began my transition from mere performance artist to actress. Late-blooming because a lack of mentorship and very little advocacy meant I didn’t feel comfortable fully embracing my journey as an entertainer. Late-blooming because I’m in my late 30s, and it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I finally understood my purpose and calling as a showgurl.

This journey began years ago, though - back when I was a little girl. My mother put me in piano classes when I was 6 until I was 11. She bought me professional art supplies when I was 8 that I used to create with a passion. I sang in the choir also from the age of 6 until I was 13. But there’s something that RuPaul said a few years ago on his podcast that really changed me, and woke me up. I’m just paraphrasing here, but he said that most people know exactly what their calling and purpose in life is, because they’ve always seen it and envisioned it. The trouble is, most people will never summon the courage to step into it. When Ru said that, I felt like I had been read for filth. Because here’s the honest truth: I have ALWAYS seen myself on stages, holding a microphone, backed by a band, spreading love to audiences in front of me. But I spent most of my life running in the opposite direction.

Alexandria Boddie MC's "Blackoustic" in March 2018

Now look, when I say that’s what I “saw”, here’s what I mean: it’s like complete, lucid, involuntary visions. They’re downright intrusive. Like, I’ll be walking down the street, thinking about whatever, totally satisfied with life, and then all of a sudden in my head I’m choreographing moves and singing my heart out. And then I would berate myself harshly and then go about my day, never connecting the dots between those visions and the feeling I’d get when watching “Fame” or “All That Jazz”.

“That's not for me.”

Skip forward to 2018, which was, in a nutshell, both INSANE and necessary. 75% of the time I had no clue where I’d sleep or where my next meal would come from. I left LA thinking I was going to begin grad school in Connecticut, and then I found myself washing up in New York City, then Miami, then back to New York, until life dumped me back in LA, no clue what to do next. It was exhilarating and harrowing at the same damn time, and every experience I had - from January 1st to December 31st - let me know that not only would I no longer be allowed to run away from my calling, I’m no longer allowed to do it without full commitment either.

Portrait of Alexandria Boddie, by Aurelie Davis

This is foreign to me. And scary as all hell. But there’s so much that I know now that I didn’t twelve years ago when I first dipped my toe in. I have so much more support, and so much has changed.

I began modeling and acting in the mid-2000s, before social media was a Thing. Social media has been a curse in that I’m DEFINITELY not the kind of person who wants to think about her follower count, her analytics, sharing her personal life, and scrambling to pay for her web presence every month. But here’s how it’s been a blessing: I get to connect with people instantaneously as my true and honest self, and no manager or agent can come along and try to tell me who I am. As a queer-adjacent woman, I get to learn from others who are like me, and be held accountable by the larger LGBTQ+ community to not be an oblivious entitled shithead (because at the end of the day, I’m still cis-het). I get to link with other black people like me, who I wished I could have known when I was so young and felt so alone in my interests in rock and roll and Harry Potter and horror. I get to collaborate with talented people and make cool art with them. 

Musician Kelvin McKay-Hill and Alexandria Boddie

My next big project is a dance video that will shoot in New York, featuring an industrial-tech track that I co-produced with Kelvin McKay-Hill in May of 2018. I thought that I’d have the wherewithal to get it shot and released those two times I washed up in NYC last summer, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

But now is the time.

Alexandria Boddie takes New York City


Then, I didn’t even know who I was. Now, I do. And I promise, this video is going to thrill you, because this video concept is something that I’ve been sitting on since 2014. I’ve got the music, I’ve got my Boddie, and I hope I’ve got YOU.

I’m asking you to be an Executive Producer on this project. It’s called “Oh Rosie”.

an excerpt from the storyboard I created in the summer of 2018


As you may or may not know, I launched a Patreon back in the fall so that you lovely people in my audience can enable me to produce more of the content you guys have been asking from me: merch design, music, videos, and more. In exchange for you forking over a small amount of your hard earned cash on a monthly basis, I give you tangible and intangible benefits for doing so.

I created several benefit tiers, where you receive all kinds of goodies depending on which level you choose to be my patron. From February 1st until midnight February 14th, I’m running a Special Offer: anyone who becomes my patron beginning at $35/month will be considered an Executive Producer on “Oh Rosie”. In turn, you’ll receive:

  • free music download of the dance track
  • a postcard in your mailbox
  • Executive Producer credit
  • an invitation to a private post-production Q&A on Hangouts

...and you’ll be the very first to view the video once editing is wrapped

THE GOAL: 100 Executive Producers for “Oh Rosie”

And here’s the thing - once this specific project is wrapped, it’s not like I’m no longer working on anything else. I’ve completed a demo on a party track, and all that’s left is booking the studio time to record quality vocals; you as a Patron will be enabling that. That cocktail recipe series for YouTube I’ve tried to start for the past three years? The next song I've already written vocals for and now I need to assemble musicians to back me? You’ll be enabling those too. The Boddie Party don't stop!

But first, I gotta dance this thing out, and I need your help in order to do it. All you gotta do is choose a level at which you’re comfortable giving on a monthly basis. Jump into this pool with me, we're gonna have a fun time...

I love ya 🖤💋

Alexandria Boddie

I'm a one-woman circus and the world's most passionate Grace Jones stan. Everything about your planet confounds me, except cats. Book me:


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