Health Is Wealth But The Sweet Tooth MUST Be Satisfied

By Alexandria Boddie

Alexandria Boddie enjoys a paleo cookie by @twstd_mick

Oh nothing, just wanted to share some pictures of me looking pretty and fierce while eating desserts by Micki, aka @twstd_mick, an ATL-based baker.


Paleo cupcakes made by @twstd_mick

I’d been following her on Instagram for a while already because she posts the most delicious-looking dessert photos, and my sweet tooth needs indulgence. Before my recent trip to Atlanta, I reached out and asked if she made paleo desserts; because of health reasons, I have to severely restrict all grain from my diet. Her response was no, but she was down to try. She called it a "slick challenge". Whatever she wanted to call it, I was elated that she was down. And because I’m extra as f*%$, I decided to turn this into a beauty moment. So I enlisted the talents of Danisha, aka @heroinemua, whom I’d met in NYC. We met up, we glammed up, and we indulged.


Alexandria Boddie eats a paleo cupcake made by @twstd_mick




Alexandria Boddie eats a paleo cupcake made by @twstd_mick

It’s written all over my face, right?

Pure bliss.

I want you to know something - eating healthy doesn’t mean you never get to indulge again. And when you have food allergies, or have to cut out certain ingredients, it’s not the end of the world. Except for the sugar used to make these paleo desserts, they’re technically not all that bad for you!

Alexandria Boddie eats a paleo cookie made by @twstd_mick

Personally, I’ve been eating about 90% paleo since 2012, but now I’m 99% because of the Epstein-Barr virus that runs amok in my body. It’s not that I’m allergic to grain, dairy, and certain other foods per sé; rather, it’s that those foods feed the virus, which causes me physical pain, extreme bloating, and a few other dangerous symptoms. A “real” dessert is going to have to be a once-a-year treat from now on, most likely.


Alexandria Boddie eats a paleo cookie made by @twstd_mick


I always try to look at the bright side though. There’s a world of deliciousness on the other side of what I have to sacrifice. It wasn’t easy for me to make this transition from “Oh, I don’t eat that.” to “Uh oh, now I can’t eat that.” Yet for all the delicious, relatively harmless things that are now off-limits to me (eggs, salmon, canola oil), there are so many tasty foods that I get to indulge in more often, like baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, mango slices, guacamole with plantain chips. Health is wealth, so making the change is worth it, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little something extra sweet every once in a while. In any case, I REFUSE to give up dessert, dammit. You’ll pry that food group from my cold, dead hands.

Alexandria Boddie eats a paleo cookie made by @twstd_mick


Anyways, back to the original subject: ME, gorgeously gorging on treats that won’t make me sick, livin' that paleo life. Thank you Micki & Danisha for indulging me!

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