"West Hollyweird" is for Next-Level Party Lovers

By Alexandria Boddie

"West Hollyweird" is for Next-Level Party Lovers

So Kelvin and I, we did a Thing...

SONG OF THE SEASON, BABY. Get you a collaborator who pushes you outside your comfort zone on the regular - we're now a duo and you can call us The Lovegood Oddities!

Believe me, I didn't wake up one day and say, "I want to be a recording artist!"; this happened quite on accident, yet organically. The super-talented Kelvin McKay-Hill did me the hugest favor the day after we performed in Blackoustic back in March, and I wanted to pay him back by shooting some photos for him and buying him some groceries. Then, next thing I know, I'm scrawling lyrics and rooting around with him in Garage Band's sound library. Three sessions later, out popped this baby.

Directed by Alexia Lewis, with Jamai Fisher and Aurelie Davis on camera duty. Follow Kelvin on SoundCloud. And follow me, too! And bump this on the regular. 

Alexandria Boddie

I'm a one-woman circus and the world's most passionate Grace Jones stan. Everything about your planet confounds me, except cats. Book me: hritalent.com


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