For Black Punks + Metalheads

"Alexandria is creating endlessly and unapologetically in all genres of art." : Jennifer Detroit

She shared this candid photo of me and posted it to her Instagram Stories back in 2018. I was more than flattered; I felt seen. And I began to see that people were actually interested in what I could contribute to this world beyond being an interesting-looking face to view.

"Quench" is not the first song I co-wrote. That honor belongs to "West Hollyweird", the second one being "Oh Rosie!". With those two songs, I whet my whistle with this whole songwriting thing. And at long last! All signs had been pointing me that way since the day I was born, to be honest.

As I continued jamming with my then creative partner Kelvin Kaoz on "Quench" and "Ada Has Some Concerns", I knew that writing and producing a real album was within my reach. In fact, I came to understand that writing the most metal, bluesy rock and roll album was going to be my mandate.

And so it is. I'm writing an album and I'm calling it "Gloria Jean in Excelsis Deo". And I will tour this album. And there will be music videos for this album. And I will create a zine around this album. And there will be merch associated with this album. This album is my obsession and my destiny. I am in love with it already.

I'm making this album is for my fellow Black metalheads. For the Black Gen Z e-kids who call themselves #altblack these days. For my beloved Black millennials who refuse to suffer in silence and who impose their influence on popular culture. For my fellow Black Gen Xers who felt alone back in the day because it seemed like we had no one else to share our love of rock and roll with. 

This is for my aunt Gloria Jean Boddie - a Black female wunderkind who deserved so much more than what she thought was possible.

And at the end of the day, this is for me.

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