A professional muse who's actressing, writing songs, dominating submissives, and stanning Grace Jones

"To the artists and designers creating new worlds unknown: take my Boddie and do what you will. To the downtrodden, wronged, and misunderstood: I'm here to bring you comfort and aid. To the subs who just want to give up their power and control: you have my consent to hand it over."

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The OddBoddie Chronicles

The 5 Tools of My Music Trade

Since I never really thought of myself as a musician, I don't have a traditional set of instruments, setups, plug-ins, and such that I use to make my aural doodles. What I do have is the desire and acumen to use the "ingredients" I have immediate access to to make unique creations that have my personality written all over them. So, without further ado, I present to you the tools I use to compose my sonic art...

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Libation Fixation: Black Cherry Pop

It was December of 2015 when I first had this idea. It was December of 2017 when I finally felt like I could take action - I finally had some extra cash so I went and bought some bottles. I wrote a script and storyboarded my vision. It was October 2018 when I finally recorded the voiceover, and got some help filming it (thank you Aurelie!). And after all that procrastination and prep...

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Ambitions of a Late-Blooming Showgurl

I began modeling and acting in the mid-2000s, before social media was a Thing. Social media has been a curse in that I’m DEFINITELY not the kind of person who wants to think about her follower count, her analytics, sharing her personal life, and scrambling to pay for her web presence every month. But here’s how it’s been a blessing: I get to connect with people instantaneously as my true and honest self...

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