From My Closet: Vintage Sue Wong

By Alexandria Boddie

From My Closet: Vintage Sue Wong

Say hello to my favorite dress that I never get to wear.

Alexandria Boddie wears a black vintage Sue Wong dress sitting on a boulder and leaning against a tree

I adore this vintage Sue Wong dress, passed down to me maybe 8 years ago from my mother. It's very Morticia, very "mysterious crone", very ME... or so I like to think.

I began transitioning my wardrobe into what I'm calling my Crone Era pre-pandemic, but starting last year, in anticipation of my 40th birthday, I began to find ways to embody it in my everyday personal style. There's nothing "everyday" about this garment, though.

Alexandria Boddie wears a black vintage Sue Wong dress sitting on a boulder against a tree.

So far, I've only worn this dress twice: once to Sunday bible class, and the other time was for this photo shoot. Again, I've had it in my posession about 8 years. As much as I talk shit about dressing extravagantly just to pick up a bag of chips from the grocery store, there's just so much effort involved in just *existing*, it's a miracle I make it into a simple leggings + tee combo most days. And meanwhile, this beautiful number languishes away in my closet, its fine and beautiful details unappreciated by the Public.

Detail image of a black vintage Sue Wong dress; ribbon floral embroidery


Detail image of the arm and skirt of a black vintage Sue Wong dress, and a corset belt over it.

I envision myself wearing this while singing a ballad on stage, or emceeing a show at a biker bar, or even while attending intimate cocktail parties. How can I get invited to some? I need someone to help me with that - inquire within, please.

In the meantime, can we get some commotion for the makeup and styling by Caitlin Monihan? I never would have thought to pair this belt with this garment - I was thinking that more of a pale pink sash would do the trick. And the amount of time she put into just my FACE!

A portrait of Alexandria Boddie wearing evening makeup.

I'm a blessed woman. And I don't ever see myself listing this for sale in the shop.

But yeah, someone invite me to hostess something so I can put this on for it.


Photography by Aurelie Davis.

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