How I Spent My Miami Werkcation

By Alexandria Boddie

Alexandria Boddie in Miami Beach, by MasterQ Photography

1. I DOMINATED South Beach with my Boddie

If you didn't walk around South Beach half-naked and schedule a bikini shoot in the sand showing off your ASSets, did you really even do Miami Beach? I've lived the kind of life that makes my bucket list pretty short. A bikini shoot on South Beach was one of those few items, and I happily checked it off.


2. I Taught Myself Two New Poi Moves

My flow game has gotten so much better!  A good friend of mine encouraged me to learn more about the Maori roots of poi, and what I learned is so cool! I want to honor its history by adding elements of storytelling and singing, so that's what's next on my poi flow journey.



Alexandria Boddie enjoys a hot, steaming mug of white discomfort.

3. I Launched the "White Discomfort" Mug

If you couldn't tell by now, I ain't playin' with you hoes. Not when it comes to my career, not when it comes to my entrepreneurial spirit, nor when it comes to how I make moves in a society that demands conformity to what makes The Whites comfortable. This one is popular amongst both people of color and white allies! If you haven't gotten yours yet, then get on it :-)



Cuban coffee in North Miami

4. I Tried Cuban Coffee

I've been to Miami several times before, but this was my first time having Cuban coffee. YOWZA. Strong AF. I'm not into espresso, but for some reason, I can abide the taste of this. BONUS: it really gets those bowels moving, which is very important to me as I get older.



Ashley Harrell, left, and Alexandria Boddie in Miami

5. I Leaned on My Friend, and She Leaned on Me

My homegirl Ashley and I have been friends since sophomore year of high school, and I've always loved how outspoken she is. It's funny, how we found ourselves in very similar mental and emotional spaces at the same time. It meant that, while I stayed with her those two weeks in Miami, we were able to help each other in the simplest ways that we didn't even forsee. I'm not going to go into the dirty details right now, but just know that because we were there for each other, we've both got brighter, exciting, and fulfilling days to look forward to. Cheers to friendship! 


6. I Signed With a Talent Agency

You're looking at one of Best Agency Miami's newest talent! Leave it to my homegirl Diana, fellow model and friend, to make the kind of introduction that leads to me now having east coast representation. I love knowing that, when I go back to Miami during the busy season, I'll have lots of opportunities as a performer. December is going to be, as the kids say, LIT.

*      *      *

What's next? Well I'm now back in NYC until mid-August with the goal of shooting and editing a video for a dance track I co-wrote with my brotha from anotha mutha, Kelvin McKay-Hill. I also hope to make some inroads as an actress and performer. We'll see! The #nomadlife is working out pretty alright for me. 

Alexandria Boddie

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